How can neon signs help improve my office space?

Styling your office space with neon signs can add a vibrant and contemporary touch to the overall decor. Here are some steps from NeonCow to help you style your office space with neon signs:

  1. Plan the Placement: Decide on the areas of your office space where you want to place the neon signs. Consider focal points such as behind your desk, above a seating area, or on a prominent wall.

  2. Choose a Theme: Determine the theme or message you want to convey through the neon signs. It could be your business logo, motivational quotes, or relevant symbols that represent your work or industry.

  3. Select the Right Sign: Explore various neon sign options available in the market. You can either buy pre-made neon signs or get a custom one designed to suit your specific needs. Ensure that the size, color, and style of the sign align with your overall office aesthetics.

  4. Consider Placement and Sizing: Measure the available space where you plan to install the neon sign. Ensure that it fits well within the allocated area and doesn't overpower the surroundings. You want the sign to be eye-catching without being overwhelming.

  5. Illuminate the Space: Neon signs can work as both primary and secondary sources of lighting. If you intend to use them as primary lighting, ensure they provide enough illumination for the entire space. If they are secondary lighting, consider placing them near existing light sources to create a visually appealing effect.

  6. Complement the Decor: Consider the existing color scheme and decor of your office space. Choose neon sign colors that complement the overall aesthetic. Opt for contrasting colors to create a striking visual impact or select colors that blend harmoniously with the surrounding decor.

  7. Mounting and Installation: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for safely mounting and installing the neon sign. If necessary, hire a professional electrician or sign installer to ensure proper electrical connections and secure mounting.

  8. Dimmer Controls: If your neon sign allows for dimming, consider installing a dimmer switch. This allows you to adjust the brightness according to your preference or the ambiance you want to create in the office.

  9. Additional Accents: Enhance the overall visual appeal by adding other elements that complement the neon sign. This could include wall art, shelving, plants, or other decorative items that tie in with the theme or colors of the neon sign.

  10. Maintenance and Safety: Regularly clean and maintain your neon sign to keep it looking its best. Ensure that all electrical connections are secure and periodically check for any signs of wear or damage. Safety should always be a priority when dealing with electrical installations, so exercise caution and follow proper procedures.

By following these steps, you can style your office space with neon signs to create an energetic, modern, and visually appealing environment.

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