Are your signs customisable?

Our products can be customised to suit your space and preference. Alternatively, if you have your own idea in mind for us to re-create, head over to our dedicated page


What are delivery times like?

As all of our signs are hand-made and plenty of thought goes into each design, typical delivery times range from 10-15 working days. Rest assured, we will keep you updated throughout the process. 


Do I have a warranty?

All products bought through NeonCow include a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. If you have any questions, please email the team at info@theneoncow.co.uk.


Traditional glass Neon or LED Neon?

At NeonCow we are conscious of our environmental impact, a recent study showed that the signs we produce are around 75% more energy efficient in comparison to their traditional glass neon counterparts. Traditional Glass Neon signs are prone to overheating, eventually crack and release gasses such as mercury. Whereas NeonCow products only emit the necessary amount of heat and require a low voltage (12v) in comparison to traditional neon signs which can use up to 120v.


NeonCow is built around community and building relationships so therefore we will always aim to get back to you on the same day, weekend or not… we’re here for you !